Hennie has a rich history as host. He hosted the Rabobank cycling project from 1997 till 2012. During these years he would accompany guests during races such as the Tour de France, the Tour of Holland, the Netherlands championship and various world cup races.
Hennie gives lectures containing various analogies. A lecture that appeals to a broad public is his account, explaining the parallels between the business community and top-class sport. He talks about a variety of things such as spirit, perseverance, highs and lows and never giving up.
Bicycle and ATB trips
You can bicycle with former Olympic and World champion Hennie for an afternoon and hear all the ins and outs about equipment, clothing, technique and tactics. In short, with his knowledge he gives you an inside view of cycling (and possibly a tough time).
Ascend the Alpe d'Huez
In cooperation with Twentsche Courant/Tubantia, Hennie was able to have himself immortalized in the 'Guinness Book of Records'. He climbed the famous giant of the Alps with no fewer than 560 cycling enthusiasts.

He repeated this feat multiple times:
  • In 2000 with 260 skating fans in collaboration with the KNSB (Royal Netherlands Skating Association).
  • In 2002 with 283 Frisians to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the The Leeuwarder Krant.
  • In 2003 with 500 cycling fans in collaboration with Twentsche Courant/Tubantia.
  • In 2004 with the Noordhollands dagblad.
  • In 2005 Hennie climbed the Alpe D'Huez twice, once during the Tour de France in collaboration with Rabobank and once with Dagblad van het Noorden.
  • In 2006 Hennie climbed the Alpe D'Huez with the readers of BN de Stem.
  • In 2007 Hennie climbed the Alpe D'Huez with the readers of De Gelderlander.
Hennie has written columns, reported on radio- and TV stations and given his views on bicycle racing for newspapers.