Hendrikus Andreas "Hennie" Kuiper (born 3 February 1949) is a Dutch former professional road racing cyclist. His career includes a gold medal in the Olympic road race at Munich in 1972, becoming world professional road race champion in 1975, as well as winning four of the five “Monument” classics. He rode the Tour de France 12 times, finishing second twice and winning the stage to Alpe d'Huez on two occasions. Kuiper, Ercole Baldini and Paolo Bettini are the only riders to have won both the Olympic road race and the world professional road race.
Career highlights
  • 1972: Olympic road race champion
  • 1974: National cycle cross champion
  • 1975: National cycle cross champion
  • 1975: National road race champion
  • 1975: World road race champion Yvoir (Belgium)
  • 1976: Winner Tour of Switzerland (general classification)
  • 1976: Winner Tour of France Bornem stage (Belgium)
  • 1977: Second in the general classification of the Tour de France
  • 1977: Winner Tour de France stage towards Alpe d'Huez
  • 1977: Sportsman of the Year
  • 1978: Winner Tour de France stage towards Alpe d'Huez
  • 1980: Second in the general classification of the Tour de France
  • 1981: Winner classic Tour of Flanders
  • 1981: Winner classic Tour of Lombardy
  • 1982: 'Jeunesse et sport' decoration in France
  • 1983: Winner classic Paris-Roubaix
  • 1985: Winner classic Milan-San Remo
  • 1988: Knighted in the order of Oranje Nassau
  • 2021: Fanny Blankers-Koen lifetime achievement award
Results through the years
  • 1966: OWC Oldenzaal
  • 3 victories: Emsdetten (Ger), Wychen, Zwartsluis

  • 1967: OWC Oldenzaal
  • 2 victories: Bocholt (Ger), Enschede (Twente Race)

    Amateurs (1968-1972)

  • 1968: HWD (Rijhandel Hans Wurtz, Deventer)
  • 4 victories: Almelo, Stadtlohn (Ger), Oldenzaal, Ahlen (Ger)

  • 1969: Jurrie Dokter-Libertas
  • 5 victories: Munster (Ger), Almelo, Wychen, Burgsteinfurt (Ger), Bielefeld (Ger)

  • 1970: Ketting-Didam
  • 11 victories: Oldenzaal (cyclo-cross race), Oldenzaal, Stein, Bathmen, Hoogezand, 2nd race A Tour of Yugoslavia, Ransdaal, Bocholt, Essen (Ger), Oldenzaal

    Place of honour: 2nd National Road Race Championship in Helmond

  • 1971: Ketting-Didam
  • 13 victories: Cyclo-cross race champion of Twente, Enschede, Essen (Ger), general classification Circuit de Saone-et-Loire (Fr), Ulvenhout, Enschede, 5th race Tour of Yugoslavia, with Ketting Brand Championship of Holland, 7th race B of Tour of Rheinland-Pfalz, Cyclo-cross race champion of Twente, Oldenzaal

  • 1972: Ketting-Didam
  • 10 victories: Madison race in Neede with Wim Albersen, cyclo-cross race in Neede, Goor, Tour of Drenthe, Oldenzaal, Essen-Kray (Ger), 6th B Tour of Limousin (Fr), team time-trial and team placing Olympia's Tour, Enter, team time-trial, team classification, final score cooperation and general classification Tour of England, Schinnen, Forst (DDR), Philippine, Doetinchem, Borne, team classification Tour of East Germany, Olympic road race Munich, team classification Tour of the Future, Ransdaal, Oldenzaal, Wierden, champion of Twente time-trialling.

    Professionals (1973-1988)

  • 1973: Haro-Rokado
  • 3 victories: 2nd race Tour of Aude, Dorthan (Ger), cyclo-cross race in Enschede

    Most important places of honour: 2nd cyclo-cross race in Magstadt, 2nd open Duist cyclo-cross racing championship, 2nd 6th Paris-Nice race, 2nd Championship of Zurich, 3rd Ambacht, 4th Tour of Luxemburg, 4th Sint-Katelijne-Waver, 5th Amstel Gold Race, 5th Vilvoorde, 5th Rijkevorsel, 6th Dutch Championship in Valkenburg, 7th Petgem-Deinze, 9th Tour of Mallorca, 13th Brabant Arrow, 13th G.P. of Frankfurt, 16th Tour of Italy, 22nd World Championship Barcelona, 28th Paris-Brussels, 31st Paris-Roubaix, 34th Tour of Flanders, 46th Gent-Wevelgem, 57th Flèche Wallone, 58th Milan-San Remo

  • 1974: Rokado
  • 6 victories: National Cyclo-Cross Racing Championship in Valkenswaard, general classification Tour of Indre and Loire, Obbicht, Olen, GP of Dortmund, Ekeren

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Paris-Camenbert, 3rd Kamerik, 5th Biblingen, 7th Paris-Nice, 7th Tour of Catalonia, 9th Championship of Zurich, 11th G.P. of Frankfurt, 12th Liege-Bastenaken-Liege, 12th National Championship in Hoogerheide, 16th Amstel Gold Race, 17th Tour of Romandie, 19th Flèche Wallone, 24th Paris-Brussels

  • 1975: Frisol
  • 8 victories: National Cyclo-Cross Racing Championship in Helvoirt, Bergen op Zoom, 18th race Tour of Spain, National Championship in Hoogerheide, World Championship in Yvoir, Ossendrecht, Ambacht, Bornem

    Most important places of honour: 2nd in Rijen, 2nd in Deinze, 2nd in Chateaulin, 2nd in Koolskamp, 3rd Gouda, 3rd Trofeo Barracchi with Knetemann, 4th points classification and 5th final score Tour of Spain, 4th Tour of Luxemburg, 5th Kortenhoef, 5th Heusden, 6th G.P. of Dortmund, 7th Paris-Brussels, 9th Tirreno-Adriatico, 9th Amstel Gold Race, 9th Superprestige, 10th Tour of Holland, 10th Fourmies, 11th Tour de France, 19th Tour of Limburg, 23rd Flèche Wallone, 27th Liege-Bastenaken-Liege, 29th Paris-Roubaix, 36th Milan-San Remo

  • 1976: TI-Raleigh
  • 5 victories: 4th race Tour of Spain, 3rd race and general classification Tour of Switzerland, 4th race Tour de France, Kamerik

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Tour of Andalusia, 2nd Omloop van Het Volk, 2nd Paris-Nice, 2nd Plessala, 2nd Paris-Brussels, 3rd National Championship in Simpelveld, 3rd Acht van Chaam, 3rd Linne, 3rd Kortenhoef, 3rd Bussieres, 4th Paris-Roubaix, 4th Chateaulin, 5th Gold Race, 5th Liege-Bastenaken-Liege, 6th Tour of Spain, 9th Final Score Superprestige, 10th Tour of Holland, 14th Tours-Versailles, 21st World Championship in Ostuni, 29th Flèche Wallone, 44th Tour of Flanders, 67th Milan-San Remo

  • 1977: TI-Raleigh
  • 6 victories: 17th race Tour de France (Alpe D'Heuz), Linne, Leiden, Valkenburg, Alzay, Wambrechies, Sportsman of the Year

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Tour of Andalusia, 2nd Galder, 2nd Tour de France, 2nd final score spotted jersey Tour de France, 2nd Dongen, 3rd Amstel Gold Race, 3rd Kortenhoef, 3rd Sittard, 3rd Tours-Versailles, 4th World Championship in San Cristobal, 6th National Championship in Beek, 6th Paris-Brussels, 8th Four Days of Dunkirk, 8th Tour of Luxemburg, 10th Paris-Roubaix, 11th Brabant Arrow, 13th Tour of Flanders, 14th Flèche Wallone, 14th Tour of Switzerland, 17th Tour of Holland

  • 1978: TI-Raleigh
  • 4 victories: Venhuizen, Prologue Dauphine-Libere, 16th race Tour de France (Alpe D'Heuz), Melsele

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Tour of Romandie, 2nd Trofeo Barrachi with Joop Zoetemelk, 3rd G.P. of Frankfurt, 3rd GP of Nations, 4th G.P. of Antibes, 4th Tour of Switzerland, 5th G.P. Cannes, 5th Mediterranean Tour, 5th final score Superprestige, 7th Paris-Nice, 9th Dauphine, 9th National Championship in Beek, 11th Autumn Prize Blois Monthlery, 15th Tour of Flanders, 18th Paris-Brussels, 19th GP E3 Harelbeke, 21st Het Volk

  • 1979: Peugeot
  • 7 victories: Galder, Oostakker, Pogny, Bavel, Stuttgart, Simpelveld, Emmen

    Most important places of honour: 3rd Paris-Roubaix, 3rd Acht van Chaam, 4th Tour of the Haut Var, 4th Criterium International, 4th Paris-Camembert, 4th Tour de France, 4th Schijndel, 5th Midi Libre, 6th G.P. of the Walloon Provinces, 6th National Championship in Geule, 7th Tour of Flanders, 7th Tour of Aude, 7th GP of Nations, 8th Mediterranean Tour, 8th Four Days of Dunkirk, 9th Flèche Wallone, 10th Gent-Wevelgem, 10th final score Superprestige, 12th Amstel Gold Race, 17de Blois-Chaville, 19th G.P. van Frankfurt, 19th World Championship Valkenburg, 27th Liege-Bastenaken-Liege

  • 1980: Peugeot
  • 2 victories: Valkenswaard, Langendijk

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Liege-Bastenaken-Liege, 2nd Tour of Indre and Loire, 2nd Overmere, 2nd Tour de France, 2nd Maarheeze, 2nd Tiel, 2nd Berlin, 3rd Heerhugewaard, 3rd Kamerik, 3rd Gammertingen, 3rd Singelfingen, 3rd Beek, 3rd Schijndel, 3rd Helden-Panningen, 4th Dauphine, 4th Paris-Brussels, 4th final score Superprestige, 5th Midi Libre, 5th Isbergues, 5th Tour of Lombardy, 7th Flèche Wallone, 7th GP of Nations, 8th Gent-Wevelgem, 11th Amstel Gold Race, 11th National Championship Geule, 13th Paris-Nice, 15th Paris-Roubaix, 18th Tour of Romandie, 22nd Tour of Flanders, 23rd Blois-Chaville

  • 1981: DAF
  • 8 Victories: Tour of Flanders, Rijsbergen, Elsloo, Heerhugowaard, Zutphen, Helden-Panningen, Tour of Lombardy, Pointe-a-Pitre

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Galder, 2nd Tour of Holland, 2nd Belsele, 2nd Eindhoven, 5th Tour of Central Zeeland, 5th final score Superprestige, 6th Paris-Roubaix, 6th Tour of Emilie, 6th Putte-Kapelle, 7th GP E3 Harelbeeke, 8th Blois-Chaville, 9th G.P. Frankfurt, 10th National Championship in Geule, 11th Het Volk, 11th Tour of Luxemburg, 12th Paris-Nice, 12th Liege-Bastenaken-Liege, 16th Championship of Zurich, 30th Tour de France, 69th World Championship in Prague

  • 1982: DAF
  • 7 Victories: GP Europe Bridge, G.P. Walloon Provinces, Aalsmeer, Venhuizen, Kortenhoef, Putte-Mechelen, Hoevelaken

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Bavel, 2nd Made, 2nd Tour of Luxemburg, 2nd Boxmeer, 2nd Oudenaarde, 2nd Maastricht-Amby, 2nd Trofeo Barracchi with Bert Oosterbosch, 3rd Egmond aan Zee, 5th Flèche Wallone, 6th Brabant Arrow, 6th Amstel Gold Race, 6th Blois-Chaville, 7th Paris-Nice, 8th Paris-Brussels, 9th Sassari-Cagliari, 9th Tour de France, 10th Tour of Lombardy, 15th Paris-Roubaix, 16th Tour of Flanders, 35th World Championship in Goodwood

  • 1983: Aernhoudt
  • 5 Victories: Paris-Roubaix, Bavel, Steenwijk, Heerhugowaard, Zele

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Wouw, 2nd Leende, 2nd Boxmeer, 2nd Stiphout, 2nd Trofeo Barracchi with Adrie van der Poel, 3rd Hengelo, 3rd Roosendaal, 3rd Hoevelaken, 4th Tour of Lombardy, 5th Tour of Spain, 6th Liege-Bastenaken-Liege, 9th National Championship in Geule, 10th final score Superprestige, 13th Tour of Flanders, 16th Flèche Wallone, 16th Blois-Chaville, 18th Milan-San Remo

  • 1984: Kwantum
  • 4 Victories: Leende, Echt, Hannover, Overijse with Van der Poel

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Hengelo, 2nd Sombreffe, 2nd Putte-Mechelen, 3rd Tiel, 3rd Rotterdam, 6th G.P. of Fourmies, 9th Paris-Roubaix, 10th G.P. of Zurich, 11th Amstel Gold Race, 13th National Championship in Geule, 14th Tour of Lombardy, 21st Paris-Brussels, 22nd Blois-Chaville, 28th Tour of Holland, 29th Liege-Bastenaken-Liege, 56th Tour de France

  • 1985: Verandalux
  • 6 Victories: Milan-San Remo, G.P. Europe Bridge, Bavel, Thorn, Stiphout, Almelo

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Deerlijk, 2nd 's Heerenhoek, 3rd Tour of Flanders, 4th G.P. of Antibes, 5th Bordeaux-Paris, 5th Montreuil, 6th Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne, 8th Paris-Roubaix, 10th final score Superprestige, 15th Criterium International, 19th Tour of Ireland, 21st Tirreno-Adriatico, 28th Tour of Holland

  • 1986: Skala
  • 5 victories: Sindefingen, Walsrode, Simpelveld, Alphen aan de Rijn, Kapelle

    Most important places of honour: 2nd London, 2nd final score Coca Cola trophy, 4th Acht van Chaam, 9th Tour of Friesland, 18th Tour of Denmark, 21st National Championship in Geule, 22nd Tour of Italy, 24th Tour of Flanders, 24th Amstel Gold Race, 25th Tour of Ireland, 25th G.P. Frankfurt, 37th Tour of Holland, 41st Creteil-Chaville, 79th Milan-San Remo

  • 1987: Roland-Skala
  • 3 victories: Beveren-Waas, Siegen, Merelbeke

    Most important places of honour: 3rd Surhuisterveen, 3rd Alphen aan de Rijn, 5th G.P. Frankfurt, 5th G.P. Wezenbeek-Oppem, 6th National Championship in Geule, 7th Tour of Friesland, 11th Paris-Roubaix, 14th Paris-Brussels, 15th Tour of Holland, 17th Omloop Het Volk, 25th Tour of Ireland, 28th Amstel Gold Race, 33rd Creteil-Chaville, 44th Tour of Italy, 51st Liege-Bastenaken-Liege

  • 1988: Sigma
  • 3 victories: Sindelfingen, Heilbronn, Kamerik

    Most important places of honour: 2nd Coca Cola Trophy, 3rd Veenendaal-Veenendaal, 14th National Championship Rheden, 17th Tour of Holland, 21st Paris-Nice, 23rd Omloop Het Volk, 48th Tour of Flanders, 50th Milan-San Remo, 95th Tour de France, 170th FICP league